A Simplified Guide To The Sexualities

Homosexual: sexual attraction to houses and other building like structures.
Heterosexual: an undying lust for Macklemore.
Asexual: attraction to any and all things beginning with the letter A.
Pansexual: a desire for pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.
Polysexual: sexual attraction to polygons.
Bisexual: Attraction to the 9th century Chinese army officer Bi Shiduo.
Demisexual: Never ending love of demi lovato

Anonymous: Girl , 5'7 , Ali Michael length raven hair , size 00 , big dark brown eyes and pink plump lips and really chill



The Best Summer Ever

So, I had this whole idea that this was going to be the most amazing, experience-filled summer yet.

Where work is concerned, it is. I’m not working some crappy job and getting paid crap. No, I’m working a pretty damn cool job and I’m not getting paid at all! (I really should not joke about this)

But apart from that, apart from my growing professionalism, my summer has not been half as exciting…

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